“Why do we have to test in production?”

...is a question your management team or others may ask, and it is understandable. Most people older than 35 worked for many years under the golden rule 'never test in production', and they have an expectation of a 'full end-to-end test environment'. In fact, 'end-to-end testing' has in some cases always involved a mix of … Continue reading “Why do we have to test in production?”

Projects and non-projects

The traditional definition of a 'project' is an initiative that achieves an agreed objective and is temporary, with an identifiable beginning and end. The term 'project' also conjures up for many people the dreaded 'waterfall' with gates, milestones, dependencies, Gantt charts, resource allocations, work breakdown schedules, and the rest.  But 'projects' don't have to work … Continue reading Projects and non-projects