Learn from the experts: Data Architecture

This post is part of a series of learning topics presented by technology experts. Today’s post comes courtesy of Michael Sirinotis, Data Scientist, Senior Project Manager at Powerwrap Limited and architect of the Powerwrap Operational Data Store, who answers some questions about data architecture. This content comes from a recent Q & A session delivered by Michael … Continue reading Learn from the experts: Data Architecture

Not every problem is a technology problem

We live in a digital age where algorithms, artificial intelligence and connectivity are driving a proliferation of new services and solutions - for problems big, small and non-existent. Businesses, services and platforms are understandably keen to take advantage, to enhance their capabilities, keep ahead of the competition, and solve problems. But technical solutions are not the appropriate … Continue reading Not every problem is a technology problem

Projects and non-projects

The traditional definition of a 'project' is an initiative that achieves an agreed objective and is temporary, with an identifiable beginning and end. The term 'project' also conjures up for many people the dreaded 'waterfall' with gates, milestones, dependencies, Gantt charts, resource allocations, work breakdown schedules, and the rest.  But 'projects' don't have to work … Continue reading Projects and non-projects